light-768x506AlGaWare started as an hobby, slightly oriented to entertainment, but has been soon transformed to an effective business initiative when we realized that our Personal Assistant Platform could be really interesting also for companies.

We offer IT consultancy at an high level on web, mobile and IoT.

This means that even before AlGaWare foundation, often our clients were big companies, sometimes with thousands employees, which requested us to support them at several levels, as software architects to design complex solutions, as suppliers for complete turn key projects or even as project managers to lead their own teams.

Keeping that as a starting point, today we are afocusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, starting from Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).
We strongly believe in AI as a driver for the business in the next few years and we are transforming our services so to help companies to seize this new opportunity.

We don’t believe in a simple AI, because it is never simple, but we strongly think that it should be easy to implement and to understand for our clients.

And, sure, we will be always opened to every other innovative technology, if it is enough mature to really support the business